North Korea Bombing Video

North Korea fired artillery rounds at the South Korean Island of Yeonpyeong today.  South Korean officials have raised their security alert to the highest level and have convened emergency meetings.  Read more and see a video below.

There are reports of some retaliatory fire from the South Koreans on targets in the north.  No further information is available, as this is just breaking.  The White House is reporting that they are aware of the situation, but that is the only information they are releasing at this time.

The Chinese are calling for a peaceful solution to the crisis.  There is no predicting the potential escalation of this situation.  Some suggest that this is all part of the chess game the North Korea is playing with their nuclear program, which has recently been under severe scrutiny by the Obama Administration.  Negotiators had been deployed from the United States to meet with the North, which now may be delayed.object>

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