North Las Vegas Election Vital to Future of City

Mayor Shari Buck and her associates at city hall in North Las Vegas have done their best to paint a rosy picture… as rosy as one can, given the dire circumstances the city faces. They’ve tried desperately to sweep the ugly truth under the rug for as long as possible, trying to avoid the discussion during an election.

Let me paint you a picture. Unless the city does something about it, there won’t be a library system in North Las Vegas within the next 2 years. It’s that bad.


The situation is at least as bad with the park system. This prompted folks who are trustees on the parks board to speak out. They felt the city wasn’t communicating these issues to the public, trying instead to talk about “jobs creation” etc. So the parks board trustees sent out a press release and had an emergency meeting a few weeks ago to get the public involved.

This created a firestorm at city hall, let me tell you. After all, it’s election time, and this can’t be making ole Mayor Shari Buck look good, what with the parks and library system ready to crumble. So her cronies at the city attorney’s office sent out a gag order to silence the board members. Read the memo here.

I showed up for the library board meeting on Tuesday to see what the scenario was looking like for the libraries (that’s where I got the information for the infographic above). I was shocked to see a cabal of city attorneys all huddled in the front row. Apparently they were worried about what the library board might discuss. During the meeting, one city attorney stood up to warn the board about speaking on particular subjects. First,they used a strict construction interpretation of open meeting law to tell the board they couldn’t discuss the C tax during a discussion about the library budget for which there was not even a vote. Second, at the end of the meeting they were all warned that they could not take positions on city policy and to generally be careful about anything they might say publicly during this election season.

I guess that’s how they roll up there in North Las Vegas under Mayor Shari Buck’s watch. Either way, there is disaster coming unless someone can get in and fix the budget in North Las Vegas. From my perspective, there must be new leadership in North Las Vegas, no doubt about that. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result.

John Lee is running for the office of mayor, and he has proven he can work across the aisle and generally work well with other people to get things done, something Shari Buck has proven time and time again she can do anything but (just look at her public interaction with Speaker of the Assembly Marlyin Kirkpatrick a few weeks ago. Imagine what she does in private.).

While you are at it, vote for Isaac Barron in Ward 1. He will work with the new mayor much better than any of the alternatives, who I expect some would actively work against a new mayor.

What are you waiting for? Go vote! You have early voting through Friday, and Election Day is Tuesday. Find more information about where and when to vote here.

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Justin McAffee

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1 Comment

    March 30, 2013, 1:05 am

    Great article Justin and all very true.


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