NPRI’s New Partnership with Amanda Fulkerson – Chief Communications Officer for CCSD [Part 1 of 2]

There have been several sightings of the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) with their new best friend – Amanda Fulkerson.  WHAT?  Let me get this straight.  Amanda Fulkerson, a public school employee, is hanging out and making alliances with the premier Nevada anti-public-education group?

This is what NPRI is all about:

Billionaires Buying Influence in Nevada

Koch Brothers Destroying Nevada’s Public Schools

I’m not sure I understand why a public school district employee who is employed at the rate of $130,636 a year and runs a public relations department funded at $700,000+ – would team up with NPRI who continuously writes horrible diatribes against the school district.  NPRI goes on and on about the evils of public education.  In fact, I don’t ever remember NPRI writing one nice thing about public education.  I do remember NPRI has produced some shady research in attempt to privatize the district quick-quick-lickety-split.  There is NOTHING friendly to public education about NPRI.

But now NPRI has married Amanda Fulkerson – CCSD Chief Communications Officer?

Oh. . . I see . . . they do have a big ticket item in common . . . union busting.  Here is a multiple choice test about Amanda Fulkerson.

(Pick any that apply)

A.  The Chief Communications Officer for CCSD is running a campaign to find funds for public schools.

B.  The Chief Communications Officer for CCSD is running a campaign to promote a positive image of public schools.

C.  The Chief Communications Officer for CCSD is running a campaign to bust the teacher’s union.

[Only ~C~ is correct. ]

Seems like the Chief Communications Officer could be doing all sorts of positive things for public education in the fifth largest school district in the nation.

But NO.  These are Amanda Fulkerson’s offerings:

We have to lay people off – no wait – now we will lay people off – no wait – we only have to lay people off when we want to bust the union.

I’m married to NPRI, I love them now.

I’m sad the union isn’t busted but we plan to lay off teachers (not really).

Amanda Fulkerson sure gets paid a lot of money to focus entirely on busting the teachers union.  I think I can sum up her talking points:  the big bad teachers’ union made us lay off teachers.  Something doesn’t seem right about that logic and fortunately CCSD never REALLY lays off anyone – at least they haven’t yet.  So – it’s a scary message but so far is a lot of hot air and spin.

Guess we should probably ask that Amanda Fulkerson be renamed – Chief Union Buster Propagandist in Charge!

Did Amanda Fulkerson send out the recent INTERNAL CCSD school district NPRI e-mails?  Did the district link to NPRI’s website using district e-mail?  Seems harassing.   There are employees who abhor this anti-public education group.  It’s insulting to receive union busting information from NPRI, the  unscrupulous Koch Brother funded group AT WORK.

Victor Joecks of NPRI, Amanda Fulkerson’s BFF,  was waving materials around on Face-to-Face.

No more marriages between anti-public-education and anti-union troglobites.  Maybe Amanda Fulkerson should go back and work for Arnold Schwarzenegger again or some other politician.  The CCSD Chief Communications Officer should be furthering the mission of the school district not hanging out with haters. Who does she really work for?

If you are appalled by her behavior as the voice of the Clark County School District please let her know:

@OfficialAmandaF on Twitter

Afulkerson13 on Facebook

(702) 799-5304

Also, leave your comments with the superintendent of the Clark County School District.

@DwightDJones on Twitter


[Published at the request of guest writer and reader Frances Kelley.]

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  • Ed Long
    July 6, 2012, 10:18 am

    Say it with your Vote, Dump the School Board; protect Our students and teachers. Give administrators %50 pay cut,is D Jones willing to open his contract???

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    July 7, 2012, 7:37 pm

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