Once Upon a Time

Let me see if I have this right. Once upon a time there was a President. His name was Bill Clinton. Bill was a member of an organization called Democrats. All across the land Bill’s subjects prospered. The wealth of the treasury grew in size, increasing the amount of money the kingdom had and could

Let me see if I have this right.

Once upon a time there was a President. His name was Bill Clinton. Bill was a member of an organization called Democrats. All across the land Bill’s subjects prospered. The wealth of the treasury grew in size, increasing the amount of money the kingdom had and could spend. He left his subjects with a surplus of money.

The subjects of the land elected a new President. His name was George W. Bush. George was a member of an organization called Republicans. George decided his most loyal and wealthy subjects deserved a reduction in the amount of taxes they paid the treasury of the kingdom while the remainder of his subjects continued paying the customary amount of taxes. The flow of the kingdom’s revenue into the treasury decreased.

Then a terrible thing happened. A dozen or so foreign people spent a few hundred dollars, bought airplane tickets, and flew two airplanes into two skyscrapers in New York City and another airplane into the kingdom’s defense building called “The Pentagon.” A fourth airplane, headed toward the headquarters of the kingdom to destroy it was itself destroyed by faithful subjects of the kingdom in a rural field in part of the kingdom called Pennsylvania.

Much grief, consternation, and anxiety was possessed by all the subjects of the kingdom. President George, grieved over the deaths, injury, damage and fear of his subjects. He vowed to find the person who planned the attack on George’s kingdom and bring him/her to justice, dead or alive. His name was Osama who lived in a land called Afghanistan, across the sea.

President George, however, finding he did not have enough money in the kingdom’s treasury to pay for a war against Osama, began borrowing money from foreign nations to pay for the kingdom’s war. George assured his subjects they need not worry, but should go out across the kingdom and enjoy shopping and traveling about the land as they always had.

President George assembled his military might and marched into Afghanistan to find Osama to bring him to justice and punishment for the acts of death and destruction to the kingdom. Then President George remembered that another country nearby Afghanistan, called Iraq, possessed great liquid riches called oil. President George disliked the leader of the country of Iraq who he believed had tried to kill his father. That leader was called Saddam. President George coveted the oil of Iraq and wished retribution against Saddam.

Claiming that Saddam was an ally of George’s enemy, Osama, and that Saddam possessed weapons of great destruction that could be used against George’s kingdom, George, with a great display of shock and awe began an invasion of the kingdom of Saddam assuring his subjects that the oil of Iraq would pay for the invasion and remove those massive weapons from the evil Saddam’s control thereby saving George’s subjects from more death and destruction. The subjects of George cheered in gratitude to the mighty President George.

But, alas, the cost of the war against Saddam was not paid by the oil of Iraq. Large oil companies from the kingdom of George secured the oil from the kingdom of Saddam and kept the riches therefrom for themselves.

Meanwhile the surplus of money in the treasury President George inherited from President Bill evaporated. George increased the borrowing and expenditure of money to continue the wars against Osama and Saddam. Thousands of subjects of the kingdom of George and hundreds of thousands more of the subjects of Afghanistan and Iraq were killed or wounded.

Then President George was replaced by a President called Barack. He was a member of the organization called Democrats. The kingdom left to Barack was deeply in debt in large part because of the decrease in revenue into the kingdom’s treasury and the huge debt accumulated by the borrowing of money to maintain the two wars left by President George.

The good times of the kingdom of President Bill was gone. The kingdom was broke, being without money in the treasury. Subjects of the kingdom began losing jobs, homes and savings. Great gnashing of teeth and wailing arose in the kingdom.

And President Barack has been left holding the empty sack.

As I asked at the beginning, Do I have it about right?

Jack Wood

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  • Steve
    September 16, 2011, 5:28 am

    You didn’t finish the story. And then so that his subjects would love him, President Barack lavaished extravagant gifts on his cronies and allowed them to escape from prosecution, stealing even more money from his subjects. When his subjects ran out of money, he just printed more, and now the empty sack is so huge, generations of subjects will suffer greatly.

    • Angie Sullivan@Steve
      September 19, 2011, 2:57 am

      Clinton was the only recent President to balance the budget. Last I checked he was a DEMOCRAT. Yep, the ONLY President to make that a priority, was a DEMOCRAT. I would also consider him a liberal.

      Maybe Republicans can’t balance the budget – or maybe they really don’t want to, because it’s not as dire as they say. Neither Bush even attempted to do it.

      I do remember America’s longest and most expensive war being started by a war-mongering Republican – based on lies. And I remember torture. And I remember TRILLIONS going to Cheney’s war machine friends. OIL and WAR and debt so high, we might never recover. REPUBLICAN.

      Yep if we keep electing Republicans who will drive this nation into financial ruin with their wars – there will be no future for our children.

  • M.R. Heeman
    September 16, 2011, 8:29 am

    Clinton’s supposed surplus was the byproduct of dot-bomb bubbles, ENRON-like hinky accounting and phony economic reporting throughout the financial system which falsified tax revenues. A Newt-led Republican House who forced lower spending and other economic reform which Clinton swallowed hard. The supposed surpluses going forward were PROJECTIONS which depended on the same rotten economic and financial factors remaining in place.

    Bush43 was saddled (unbeknownst to anyone) with the aforementioned 90s rotten financial system yet to be unmasked, 90s airline security regulations in place with the 9/11 terrorists already in america training and a rabidly unreasonable liberal political chattering class which LOST FLORIDA – when 9/11 happened.

    The reasons specified by Bush43 for going to Afghanistan AND Iraq were the SAME reasons the Clinton Administration of the 90s outlined throughout. The exact same. 95% of Republicans and roughly 45% of congressional Democrats voted to give Bush43 all the authority he needed to launch BOTH military actions.

    At the end of the Bush43 administration, two decades of liberals preaching “social justice” completed their weakening and rotting of the mortgage banking system in time for the 2008 election cycle. From Frank Raines to Jim Johnson to Barney Frank to even Barack Obama himself = the rules and regulations of the mortgage system were systematically gutted. The Bush43 administration warned Congress to its face SEVENTEEN TIMES in his 8 years about the dangers and growing instability; only to be demonized as racist and all the other usual liberal namecalling when Democrats did not have control of Congress – and ignored after 2006 when they did.

    Remember, life seemed pretty good until 2006, when Democrat liberals took control of Congress, didn’t it? It was on the Democrat liberal’s “watch” that America began its slide. It was especially after the 2008 Obama-led election cycle that the “Cloward & Piven” wing of the liberals, led by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, stepped up the degradation of America’s finances and economics to destructive results.

    Try the Obamunistic financial formula for yourself. Start spending 80% MORE than your monthly / annual net take home pay “as far as the eye can see”, just like Obama is doing to America. Go ahead, borrow your way to greater prosperity. Go out and borrow some “stimulus” and live it up!! If this idea seems stupid, unrealistic or just plain ignorant, “you” have no business voting for liberal politicians who DO think it works.

    2012 can’t come soon enough to rid America of the era of Obamunism

    • Angie Sullivan@M.R. Heeman
      September 19, 2011, 2:52 am

      Where do you come from TROLL? Who is paying your check to spew these lies?

  • Angie Sullivan
    September 19, 2011, 2:52 am

    Clinton was THE PRESIDENT that balanced the budget. Sorry, it wasn’t Bush – either one. For all the GOP’s talk about wanting to balance the budget . . . they don’t. Could it be that they really don’t care about the budget, they only care about beating up liberals about spending.

    The Presidents that have spent the MOST have always been Republicans. They spend, spend, spend – mostly so their friends can make money. They have to keep those “job creators” happy. But trickle down economics, doesn’t trickle. As strongly evidenced by this recession that we are currently experiencing.

    Conservatives don’t really care about the money. They care about POWER. They care about some silly white people making a few more billion. They care about protecting Wall Street.

    At least Liberals talk about people like they were PEOPLE – instead of corporations like they were PEOPLE.

  • Steve
    September 19, 2011, 9:43 am

    Clinton didn’t balance anything. It is congress which passes budgets. Clinton had republican-lead congresses as well as democrat ones.

    Notice how Angie can’t debate the facts. She resorts to name-calling in response to M.R. Heeman’s recalling the actual history of the last 20 years, not the liberal re-written version of history. Name-calling, or discrediting the source, is right from the Alinksy play book.


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