Plan for Nevada Budget: Reduce to 1950s Levels

I have a plan for the Nevada budget. The Democrats claim we have a budget deficit? Why can’t we just go back to 1950 spending levels, adjusted for growth and inflation? The state budget would only be $1.5 Billion. I know it’s a modest proposal, but what was wrong with Nevada in 1950?

Those were the good old days, the hay day of American power. Life was good. Why does everyone think we need more than we did then? It’s called greed. Greedy people want handouts. They want people who work hard for their money to pay for them to go to hospitals and get treatment, or for the ability to pay their rent when they get laid off in a bad economy.

That’s not the American way. We believe in self-reliance. In the 50s, if you had a mental illness, your family took care of you. Sure, there were mentally ill people hanging around on street corners, but at least we weren’t draining the economy with unnecessary taxes.

When I went to college, it was much cheaper. Why does it cost so much now? Teachers and their unions have sucked the system dry with all their demands for retirement benefits and health care. When I was younger, we didn’t have health care. If we got sick, we toughed it out. Man up people! We didn’t go to the hospital unless a limb was falling off, or massive bleeding.

That’s the problem with America today. People are getting soft. You people are a bunch of wimps. If it doesn’t kill you, it will only make you stronger. Until we get that attitude back, America will decline into a third rate nation. The legislature must consider my plan for the Nevada budget to reduce it to 1950s spending levels.

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  1. Things was tough when we was comin up. We didn’t have fancy stuff like air to breathe. We had to breathe sand. And we liked it.

  2. Yes lets do it! Lets return things to the 1950s we can re-institute the regressive taxes for the rich, 70% rocks! We can slash CEO pay, we can get them darkies out of our schools and into their own. Then we can tell Sharon to STFU and get back in the kitchen!

    With a grasp of today’s complexities like this, is it any Wonder Harry Reid is still a Senator?

    C’Mon Repubs you have better than this!

  3. OK, but your husband is going to have to give back his BLM pension, isn’t he? You and your husband lived your entire lives off the taxpayer dime and yet you hate government. You are either self loathing or dumb.

    The voters in Nevada sent you a very strong message: they don’t like your ideas.

    Let’s go back to the days when open air nuclear tests were conducted with no concern for public safety, and cars spewed lead and mercury into the air, and 50,000 Americans died each year on America’s highways. Let’s go back to the days when the air was foul and the water filthy.

    Nevada’s economy is in the toilet right now because of short-sighted garbage like this post. Cities compete and right now Nevada is dead last. How about an adult discussion as to WHY Vegas is doing so poorly. It’s due in no small part to people like Ms. Angle, who fail to understand betting our futures on a real estate bubble, while failing to invest in public education and infrastructure, has consequences.

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