Playing to Win in Clean Energy

Senator Reid’s report highlights role of policies in developing Nevada’s clean energy industry

Las Vegas, NV – Clean Energy Project’s Executive Director, Lydia Ball, joined Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the release of his report “Playing to Win in Clean Energy”.  The report showcased the role in which federal and state policies have played in the development of the clean energy industry in Nevada. Playing to Win in Clean Energy also called for future steps that would invest in future development. The report can be accessed at .


“There are more renewable energy projects under construction today than at any other time in Nevada’s history.  That’s a major accomplishment,” said Reid. “The clean energy projects underway in Nevada did not happen by accident and they did not happen overnight and we must continue to ensure that Nevada real­izes its clean energy potential. This means fostering more private-public partnerships and improving government and private sector coordination and not eliminating critical job-creating tax credits.”


“Federal and State policies are especially important in Nevada because unlike some states, Nevada has no coal or natural gas to develop,” said Lydia Ball, Executive Director of the Clean Energy Project. “And the federal incentives for those fuels, some of which have been around fro nearly a century, do little to help our state develop our resources and power our economy.”


The projects highlighted in the report are predicted to create more than 2,200 jobs and add more than $1 billion to Nevada’s economy. The case studies and timeline presented demonstrate the critical role that important federal actions and state policies have played in the development of Nevada’s clean energy economy, which helped make that economic growth possible.


Clean Energy Project is a non-partisan, non-profit tax-deductible organization dedicated to powering clean energy in Nevada and the West. Clean Energy Project focuses on educating the public on the vast benefits of fully developing a clean energy economy that produces good jobs, stabilizes energy bills and creates energy independence for our nation.


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