Raggio Subsidies aka Parasitic Siphoning

There was once a legislative controller with a firm grip on all spending in the state – introducing Bill Raggio. He ruled Nevada finances for decades. One of the things he made sure happened was plenty of siphoning funds from Clark County to subsidize rural Nevada and his pet Republicans. It’s become a great Nevada tradition – Clark County funds being moved around the state to cover holes in the rural budgets.

How is this playing out today? Clark County subsidizes the rest of the state. And . . .UNLV money subsidizes the rest of the Universities.

A recent Las Vegas Sun article (Higher ed funding process siphons money from UNLV) put it bluntly:

What might UNLV become if the state allowed it to keep its own tuition and fees? Bomotti’s staff crunched the numbers and found that if UNLV had been allowed to keep its nonresident tuition, it would have had an extra $17 million last year.

$17 million could have been used in a variety of ways in Clark County. Las Vegas money. . . needs to stay in Las Vegas. The Supreme Court of Nevada just said the same in a ruling for the Clean Water Coalition.

Clark County doesn’t need to subsidize other parts of Nevada. If the other parts of Nevada actually had to live within their own “real” budget . . . maybe they would start electing representatives who would vote for funding. As long as Clark County “gives” money to other parts of the state – they will never have a need to vote for funding. They have enough!

Meanwhile Vegas struggles because they have been attacked by parasitic cow counties.

I’m all for funding education in all parts of the state.

BUT. . . I think we are actually funding Republican politicians when we allow Clark County monies to spill over for schools into these districts. As long as the people there have more than enough money for their schools or their buildings or their police stations or any government entity- people will not change the way they vote.

We need people to vote DEMOCRAT. We might need to starve the parasitic cow counties of funds to get the people there to realize – they aren’t living within their own budgets. Bill Raggio set them up so they never really had to pay their own way. I have a feeling they might vote differently if they actually got ONLY the money they brought to the table.

Clark County does not need to to subsidize Republican voters in Nevada any longer.

Angie Sullivan

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