Real fraud is in Voting ID Laws

With the elections too close to call everyone has highlighted the importance of voting in these elections. However, recently there has been a great emphasis on voter fraud, many states passed laws requiring a state-issued ID to be able to vote in order to avoid impersonation fraud. I myself encountered a creepy poll watcher when

With the elections too close to call everyone has highlighted the importance of voting in these elections. However, recently there has been a great emphasis on voter fraud, many states passed laws requiring a state-issued ID to be able to vote in order to avoid impersonation fraud. I myself encountered a creepy poll watcher when I went to vote who just kept looking at me and other voters and took notes about us.

However, when you look at the actual voting fraud numbers you find the fraud is really in voter suppression laws. According to the Brennan Center actual voter fraud in varying states is .003 percent, .007 percent or .002 percent, far less than what has determined any presidential race.  The reason? Well, most likely people who commit fraud and other illegal acts are probably not so concerned with their civic duties.

Take undocumented immigrants for example, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said there was significant voter fraud in the U.S. and said some of it was committed by undocumented immigrants who are wanting to take this country over, although there is no evidence supporting his claim. This is also coming from the guy who compared undocumented immigrants to dogs and who has also proposed an electric fence at the border.

The idea that undocumented immigrants are a significant voting fraud threat is laughable. First of all, as mentioned earlier there is very little evidence of actual voting fraud period. Second of all it is well documented that undocumented immigrants do not report crimes to the police when they are victims for fear of deportations, so it is highly unlikely that they would willingly go to an election poll and commit voter fraud.

Anyway, to fight this supposed voter fraud several states have enacted voter ID laws, which in turn keep 11 percent of eligible voters from exercising their civil duty.  This disproportionately affects Latinos, blacks and the elderly who no longer have an ID or have an expired one, from voting. Coincidentally this is also a group that tends to vote for democrats.  The intent is obvious, take Texas for example they tried to pass a voter ID law, SB14 that said using your NRA card was allowable to vote, but not a College Student ID, social security or Medicaid ID. These efforts are in a state that has had fewer than five illegal voting allegations from 2008 to 2010.

If you want to talk voter fraud what about the company, Strategic Allied Consulting who was working for the GOP and falsified registration forms? Or even ACORN?

The truth is, these voter suppression laws are not going to prevent hoards of ex-felons and undocumented immigrants from voting, because there is no evidence that they even trying to. Instead it keeps war veterans like Sam Bulmer in Wisconsin from voting using their Veteran ID’s. Instead, we now we have men and women who risked their lives for us and this country and cannot even exercise their right to vote. This is shameful and this is a real crime!

The frauds are in these voter suppression laws, that is why state or federal courts have halted several “voter fraud” laws passed in states. They do not hold water and they discriminate.

The ability to vote is an important and special privilege, so let’s not suppress it, let’s not make it more difficult. Instead, let us encourage it, no matter what side of the isle you fall on.


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  • M.R. Heeman
    November 2, 2012, 1:31 pm

    Looks like the only entity interested in voter fraud is the Democrat!

    Voter fraud has been the efforts of Democrats for many years to scratch out ANY election. LBJ ‘won’ an election in the day in which a small precinct ‘found’ about 87 votes for LBJ = and they voted alphabetically. For Al Franken in MN; ballots were ‘found’ later in liberal precinct workers’ trunks, closets and basements. In FL in 2000 (Bush v. Gore), Republican-run precincts had no problems with hanging chads and ‘finding’ ballots in weird places – but Palm Beach County (uber-Democrat) has LOTS of problems. Gore did not want Republican precincts checked, only Democrat-run ones!

    In this cycle, Republicans in OH use a machine to vote for Romney and a vote for Obama shows up?? See link above! Think Republicans are behind THAT?? Letters to registered Republicans – sent from Seattle, WA – into Florida but looking like an official FL registrar’s letter – tell registered Republicans that they are not eligible to vote. Today, reports are that registered Republicans in NY and NJ are getting robo-calls saying that election day has changed to the next Tuesday!!

    There is NO reason, given the length of time between election cycles, in which qualified citizens can NOT obtain a legal photo ID. NONE AT ALL!! The government disenfranchises NO ONE at all as a citizen absolutely has the ability to obtain a legal ID.

    An eligible citizen must be properly registered and have a photo ID as they show up to vote. Anything else invites voter fraud, which has been a Democrat tactic since the days of Huey Long, Mayor Daley and LBJ!! EVEN ‘Tom Kane’, “Boss” of STARZ’ hit TV show – is a hard-bitten Democrat VERY interested in voter fraud and manipulation!

    Republicans have no problem proving who ‘we’ are at the polls. None at all!

    • Justin McAffee@M.R. Heeman
      November 3, 2012, 12:38 pm

      Your entire diatribe here is laden with misinformation and what I would characterize as bald faced lies. You are either stupid or immoral. Either way, anyone can simply google this stuff and refute it easily enough so I won’t waste my breath on stupidity trying to demolish each of your claims piece by piece.

      • M.R. Heeman@Justin McAffee
        November 7, 2012, 5:19 pm

        No, you can’t or you would have.

        LBJ DID ‘find’ 87 votes, in alphabetical order to fraud his way to an election ‘win’.

        Votes were ‘found’, days after the election, for Franken, in trunks, closets and basements. Funny, none of them were for Norm Coleman.

        Voters in OH DID vote Romney and Obama registered on their machines.

        Gore DID only want (D) precincts recounted while oversea military votes were targeted for disenfranchisement.

        Your ‘stupid or immoral’ pap is the usual liberal fare in the Obamunist era. Expected and laughed at, especially after NOT refuting anything at all.

        You can’t refute the Democrat history of voter fraud and intentional disenfranchisement – and especially the hell Democrats put southern blacks through from after the Civil War when a Republican president freed them. They endured 100 years of Southern Democrat crimes and horrible abuse from Southern Democrats – to using them as political ‘human shields’ today.

        Funny, your site crashing on Election day, LOL! Must be the lib-overload of ‘malarkey’ here. I could go to some (R) board and preach to the choir, but what’s the fun in that?


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