Review Journal: Fear Industrial Complex?

As I grabbed my Las Vegas Review Journal from my driveway this morning, I noticed something I suppose I already knew.  Most of the cover page and nearly everything on the Nevada page was fear based reporting.  It got me thinking.

The Review Journal has the conservative bias stigma almost as bad as Fox News, maybe worse.  The recent shuffle and sacking of the editorial staff may or may not be related to this reputation.  The telling indicator will be the future content.  Perhaps the blatant punditry for conservative candidates will cease in the feature section.  Maybe the firings were only symbolic, since they weren’t able to convince Nevadans that Harry Reid is the bad guy.

Today’s content in the RJ is just the run of the mill fear mongering used to scare people into action, or inaction as the case may be.  The headline today, “Jobless pay renewal rejected.” Yeah, that’s right, “Jobless pay.”  Now doesn’t hearing jobless pay make you cringe?  But they use it, and then everyone uses it.  We don’t notice, but we are using their messaged terminology.  You know what I’m talking about…”the patriot act,” “enhanced interrogation,” they do it all the time.  Sorry, a little too much 1984 I suppose.

Now, let’s take a look here at the Nevada page.  Murder at the top.  Dr. Reefer down the right column.  THE MOB along the bottom.  Not saying it’s John L. Smith trying to scare the bajeezies out of Nevadans.  However, the general theme and placement of the content by his superiors is grossly in violation of doing just that.

What does the fear industrial complex hope to gain?  One could argue that negative news is like a train wreck.  Everyone looks, even though they’re shocked.  Newspapers certainly want you to look.  But perhaps they don’t want you to look deeper.  You look long enough to hear the bad news and see the advertising.  However, then you are so disgusted that you throw away the paper, or turn off the T.V.  In other words, you don’t look any further.  They are controlling the information by making it unappealing, at least in any substantive way.

We then are like little kids have their mothers check the closet for monsters in their dark rooms at night.  We are too afraid to dig and find out for ourselves, so we just let the status quo keep doing their thing.  They keep us in our homes.  Who wants to travel with the crotch monster waiting for you at the airport (see cover of RJ)?

I’m afraid…very afraid!  No, no no no! I won’t be afraid to speak out, or leave my house, or dig deeper.  I am smart enough to realize the mean old RJ is just up to no good.  The fear industrial complex, however, is counting on the average Joe and Mary to not be.

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