What is Station Casinos Thinking?

With a new ad campaign against the Culinary Union, Station Casinos is escalating an already delicate situation, and I’m not really sure how it is to their benefit. Check out the ad below.

What’s even more amazing is how this will bring more attention to the fact that Station Casinos were found to have committed 87 unfair labor practices and is the largest violator of federal labor laws in the history of Nevada gaming.

If that weren’t enough reason for most of us to never step foot inside a Station Casino again, how about their vocal support of SOPA/PIPA (the national so-called anti-piracy bill that is really an anti-free speech and internet suppression bill)?

If you aren’t confident why SOPA/PIPA are bad, check this out.


Give me a break!  ‘Culinary is evil because it’s harassing brides’ is their uptake?

Station’s ads and their whole posture towards workers is part of a larger war against hard working middle-class Americans everywhere.  The Culinary Union represents those hard working Americans who ask only for a minimum amount of decent humane treatment from their employers.

Station Casinos can rest assured that the working middle class won’t forget this treatment.  We are everywhere.  We make up most of this country, and we are united.

Station Casinos is a lot like Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker.  He took a hardline stance against unions, and he is getting a huge backlash.  In less than a year, the people of Wisconsin have gathered over 1 million signatures to recall Walker.

In Nevada, Station Casinos are only going to find themselves being recalled from not only locals, but also the tourist.  When people Google Sunset Station, or Green Valley Ranch, or Texas Station, what they might find is articles like this calling on anyone who cares about middle class Americans, or internet freedom, to boycott Station Casinos.

I would love to visit a Station Casino right down the street from me to eat, see a movie or go bowling.  But I won’t.  I won’t set foot in their Casinos.  Not after how they’ve treated honest hard working Americans.  Not that they couldn’t turn things around and start treating the community, who has given them so much, with a little respect in return.

Pledge here to support the workers of the Station Casinos.

Justin McAffee is the publisher of the Nevada Ledger. Justin and his wife Aimee own a digital media consulting firm, Most Digital, in Las Vegas, Nevada. They specialize in website design and SEO, graphic design, content creation and photography.

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  1. Many thanks for the “heads up” on Station Casinos. As a result, I’m going to try to do business there the next time I visit your fair city.

    Anyone with the courage to stand up to the rapacious labor unions deserves consumer support.

    1. I am a retiree who was in the hospitality field with a major airline and I will do my very best to have family, friends and fellow employees not frequent the station casinos. U have every right to not be a union avocate however ur ads are lies and distortions,perhaps union should run ads that u are in favor of foreclosures or homelessness or not letting little johny get his operation,this is the same stupid analogy u r using

  2. I for one will go out of my way to send my business to Station Casinos or any workplace that has the courage to stand up to union bullies. We should not be required to turn over our paychecks to these bullies just to be allowed to have a job. They come into a workplace with their empty promises and phony smiles, stripping people of their rights so they can take their money from them. People have the right to say no. And people should have the right to work in a union free environment. But the unions won’t accept no. They don’t believe anyone should have the right to work in a union free shop. They are even trying to pass laws that would prevent most of us from saying no to them anywhere in the country. People need to educate themselves on what unions are, what their intent and purpose is. An organization that is beneficial does not need to resort to manipulation, coercion, violence or the threat of violence and stripping people of the right to say no to them in order to get members. If unions are so wonderful, why do they have to resort to these tactics? If they are so wonderful, why can the workers not choose to opt out if they don’t want to participate? While NV is currently a right to work state, the unions want to strip us of the right to work in every state. And even when we choose not to join, we are stuck with whatever policies and decisions they make. We should have the right to not only say no, but to opt out entirely. That’s what being an American is all about. Free choice, free will and free association.

    1. Lady, educate yourself. You are completely ridiculous. It is places like Station Casinos that “manipulates and coerces people” using fear to scare people away from a union that delivers affordable healthcare and reasonable working conditions. Apparently you think that’s too much to ask for hard working people. You are probably wealthy and arrogant.

      1. I am not wealthy. But I am arrogant in that I do not need and do not want and should have the RIGHT to think and speak for myself. I should not have to turn over a portion of my paycheck to a third party business just to have a job. I have done extensive research into unions. That is what I am. Educated. The very kind of person union organizers hate because I cannot be manipulated by their BS. Any organization that has to threaten violence, commit violence or take away personal rights and freedoms to stay in business is not ethical or moral. If you want/need/or are dumb enough to pay someone to think and speak for you, and you don’t mind being told what to say, do and think, go ahead. Just give ME the option to opt out and we have no problem. When you try to prevent me from having a job by taking away my choices, we have a problem. The way unions think and operate has more in common with the Communist Manifesto than they do the US Constitution. They are no different that the street thugs in the inner cities that shake down shop keepers for protection money so they can keep their businesses going.

      2. You need to educate yourself. March down to the union and ask where your $40 a month goes. After that ask how many times each of those funds has been drawn from over the last 10 years. And do your homework. You will see the union is one of the wealthiest organizations in Las Vegas and the president makes the top ten highest paid people in the LVRJ every year consistently. And an FYI your employer pays your insurance premiums not the union if you ever looked a P&L you would know that.

  3. Personally, I am ashamed that so many so-called Americans hate on working class Americans and unions because of their own selfish greed.

  4. I am also in agreement with a private business standing up against the unions. I grew up in a union household, was told the b.s. about the “union protecting the little guy”, and how big business was evil. Then I got a job, and realized that the union protected the lazy and prevented the best of the workforce from being rewarded for excellence. I also will make a point to patronize Station Casinos because of this stand.

    1. I for one would never step inside a Station Casino because they have no respect for workers. Corporations don’t reward hard work, you are a moron. They exploit workers so they can take home their enormous incomes. STFU

  5. Unions protect workers from the bullies in the corporate office who want to maximize their profit margins for their stockholders at the expense of honest working people’s income and benefits. People who are anti-union are basically elitists who don’t have a clue, and have probably never really worked just to scrape by.

  6. Do u like the 8 hr day,paid vacation and basic human fairness,thank the union.all the benefits u enjoy are attributed to union people who died fighting pickle tons and company goons who would be around today without union protection. Companies had to match union benefits to survive and that. Is good 4everyone. Union workers are more productive than non union workers who rely on butt licking 2 justify There presence in a hostile work environment.

  7. Unions give people the only chance to possibly earn what they deserve for by the numbers. As an individual you don’t stand a chance negotiating with any giant corporation.

    The Culinary Unions assures a living wage for people that actually make the lifeblood of casinos and this city work not for management bonuses.

    If you want to get upset at something look at the bonuses Station Management makes while their employees have zero job security. They can clearly afford to treat their employees better, it takes a union effort to get things like that accomplished, that’s not rapacious it’s smart. I’d really have to scour the agenda of anyone saying otherwise.

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