What the Heck, Joe?

Rep. Joe Heck was handed a dream piece of legislation — a chance to bring jobs to his district, diversify the economy and even do something good for public lands. The legislation would have protected Gold Butte, Nevada’s Gateway to the Grand Canyon, by declaring it a national monument.

Heck was handed this on a silver platter in Washington with the hope that the goodwill gesture would create a sound bipartisan way forward after two years of Heck’s towing the rightwing do-nothing agenda.

So Heck took the bill and sat on it. Then he demanded more perks for different players. Then he wanted an impossible array of people to do an incredible amount of grassroots lobbying for it. And then he just walked away.

Thus, Gold Butte sits alone near Mesquite without hope of protection, killing the dream held by the Mesquite City Council, Clark County Commission, dozens of local businesses from the Eureka Casino to Las Vegas Cyclery and thousands of Nevadans who treasure our geological and cultural desert heritage.

Gold Butte is home to some of the most amazing petroglyphs, rock formations and true desert solitude.

But Heck couldn’t possible stand up for his district.

That’s why dozens of activists are putting their faces to a campaign calling him out for inaction on Gold Butte.

WhatTheHeckJoe.com is a place to put a face to real people affected by Heck’s inaction. It’s time for Heck to face up to his do-nothingness. Gold Butte supporters in the picture campaign will be Tweeting their photos at Heck and using other social media tactics to make sure he knows he’s done a Heck of a bad job on the homefront.

The campaign is a project of ProgressNow Nevada.  ProgressNow Nevada has launched a new microsite targeting Rep. Joe Heck for walking away from a true economy boost with jobs and tourism. ProgressNow has also produced videos showcasing the tourism, environmental and business community’s desire to protect Gold Butte. You can see the main Gold Butte video here:

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