Will Nevada Government Shutdown?

A lot of stuff has gone on since the beginning of the 2011 Nevada Legislative session.  So much stuff in fact that it has become overly complicated to even see the big picture of where the session is headed.  Here’s a breakdown of how things are going in our state capital.

Sandoval will veto anything tax related coming out of the legislature making him completely irrelevant; unless a special session is called.

Assembly Republicans are willing to trade state revenue increases for reductions in union rights (and more union rights poorly disguised as education reforms).  Some Senate Republicans are willing to make the same trades, but not enough are willing to negotiate for any real compromise to be made.  That leaves the Legislature in a deadlock; which is exactly where we were at the start of the session.

Republican legislators aren’t willing to compromise in large enough numbers to make any meaningful exchanges thanks to Governor Sandoval.   He’s been sending his lackeys to constantly threaten legislative Republicans anytime any of them even thinks about flinching.

Nevada Government Shutdown Possible

To make things worse, Sandoval has his “spin doctor,” Dale Erquiaga, screaming from the hilltops that the inevitable deadlock and the subsequent government shut down is the fault of Democrats.   In reality the shut down will have been caused by Sandoval’s constant whipping of the Senate Republicans who he sees as his personal Kamikaze pilots rather than as representatives of the people’s will. This, of course, is a “spin” campaign.

Governor Sandoval has already stated that he plans on letting the government shutdown during the 24 day break between the regular session and a calling of a special session.  He could avoid that by immediately calling a special session.  Sandoval is in effect creating a crisis that he can use to fear monger with. He is doing this so he can further blame Democrats for his own political gain, regardless of the human suffering and financial strains it will cause to Nevadans.

This same fabricated crisis and subsequent “spin” campaign has been used in other states, such as Michigan and Ohio, and worked overwhelmingly well because citizens believe whatever is spoon-fed to them rather than actually thinking for themselves.  Nevada, unlike Wisconsin, doesn’t have an extremely strong base of outspoken unions, students & citizens and as such Sandoval’s plan has a high likelihood of working in Nevada too.

This is not to say that there is no other possible outcome, but this is the future Sandoval is trying very hard to make a reality.  The wild card in all of this will be how citizens ultimately perceive the spin and whether Nevada Democrats run an “anti-spin” campaign of there own.  Only time will tell.

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